A few kind words from our recent clients

"Jeanne has allowed me to find a safe and comfortable space to deal with my problems and to do things at my own pace. ( I also am so glad that I am able to continue my therapy even though we have been isolating and are on lockdown with the use of technology both audio and video. ). I feel that since I have started therapy with Jeanne I am finally able to start to understand myself and make improvements to my life that are meaningful. Sincerely grateful for your guidance Jeanne."


"As my therapist Jeanne is a great listener and also has provided me with some good insights into my behaviour and suggested ways to alter it to better suit myself and those around me that I love. Thank you Jeanne."


“I feel very at ease in my sessions with Jeanne. She has helped me to talk freely about the grief my family is going through and to feel I can cope with the overwhelming sadness. I’m glad I came to see her these last few weeks."


"Jeanne has been instrumental in helping me move past blockages that have held me back for years. She’s very good at holding space, and gently suggesting options to challenges I face. I’d recommend her to anyone who has needs which match her areas of expertise."


"I have been seeing Jeanne as my psychologist for over a year now, and she has offered me guidance, understanding and support as I go through my tuff times. I highly recommend Jeanne and I will continue to use her services as Jeanne has helped me immensely"


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"You always give me good advice and I feel relaxed when I’m talking to you."


"Jeanne's ability to be fully present with me & to offer the right amount of gentle support & guidance is exactly what I have needed to help me work through my issues & challenges. I feel very grateful to have Jeanne on my team in these challenging times, she has helped me a lot."


"Jeanne is compassionate, understanding, has good ethics, easy to communicate with, likeable, trustworthy."

"I rely on your advice. I know that you will give me the right advice. It’s important for me to discuss things with you before I make decisions. I appreciate the way you went out if your way to see me when I had an issue or an emergency sometimes on weekends. I can talk to my friends but it’s not the same. Thank you."


"We were having a really tough time in our marriage; arguing a lot and finding it difficult to communicate with each other. We came to a point where we felt like we were staying in this marriage for the sake our children. We were almost certain we'd end up divorcing when the time was right We decided to see a counsellor as a last resort even though we didn't think much would change. But soon after we started seeing Jeanne we started communicating so much better with each other. We felt very comfortable talking to each other in a safe environment with Jeanne, without any judgement and any pressure. After a few sessions, we started feeling a lot happier and content with each other and want make our marriage work! Thank you Jeanne!"

Elsie & Carl

"Jeanne has helped me understand the underlying causes of my anxiety problems which have led me to be upset and angry when I do not know why I am feeling that way. Jeanne has shown me how to cope with stress and manage my life in a way that results in me becoming much calmer in difficult situations. Jeanne has used cognitive therapy with me and the results of that have had a very positive influence on my behavior. I have found that I can trust Jeanne to such a degree that she has become a mentor for me and someone that I can reach out to at any time when I need her."

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